Web Map Aesthetics for Effectual Communication (NACIS 2013, Greenville, SC, USA)

I had a fun time presenting at the North American Cartographic Information Society Annual Conference today. My talk was largely based on my forthcoming book about Web map design. Essentially, it was a call for us to return to the basic tenets of cartographic design, because they are still pretty sound. They just need to be adapted slightly to the Web medium.

The slides from my talk are available here. They are pretty meaningless without the voiceover, but I will post them anyway. Some of the images are from my forthcoming book, but what the hell… gratis!

These symbols, when used in mass quantities, should be banished.

Thanks to those who gave positive feedback about the talk. I appreciate it, as I stumbled poorly at the beginning. I’m glad people were able to bear with me! Hopefully the book proves useful to some of you too. :-) It will be available on December 19th. For any overzealous types, it is available for preorder on Amazon here.