Yi Fu Tuan Lecture, UW-Madison Department of Geography

Observations by @ErinLHamilton.
Real-time, courtroom-esque observations of the talk by @ErinLHamilton.

I am stoked to be in Madison today giving an Yi Fu Tuan Lecture on Persuasive Maps. So far I have had a wonderful time hanging out with the cart folks and students here. Also saw some really cool map sculpture art!

Engaging with so many enthusiastic mapmakers has totally geared me up for my talk! Who needs coffee? The title of the talk is “Maps as Rhetorical Weapons: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Persuasive Map Design.” I am uploading the slides from my talk here.

P.S. And I thought I was having fun before the talk… What a great experience all around! Thanks again, UW-Madison Geography!

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