Reinventing the Syllabus Poster

Update, Monday, 2/17/2014: Link to third-party YouTube Video on How to Design a Brochure in MS Word. This should help those of you who do not have access to design software.

Update, Wednesday, 1/22/2014: Template Download Added

At the UW-L Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Conference on January 21, 2014, I presented the poster (available below). In the poster I discuss and highlight how I took my standard, four-to-five page cartography syllabus and shrank it down to two, concise pages. I also attempted to add more visually compelling and useful information and resources. My main achievement was to deemphasize all of the legalese that is necessary to include these days, as once you review it in class the first day students rarely need, or want, to look at it again. I also tried to design the syllabus as an indispensable document that students would want and need to return to throughout the semester. Finally, a chief goal was to have the syllabus act as a marketing tool — if students outside of the class saw it, I was hoping they would probably ask what the pamphlet was for and who the instructor was. You can download a printable PDF of the poster (is legible on letter-size paper) by clicking the image below or here.

I just finished revamping a template for this syllabus so you can hack your own if you so desire. I’m certainly not convinced this is the end-all, be-all syllabus. In fact, there are several shortcomings I hope to remedy in the future. However, it was fun to make and if others want to expand upon it, I highly encourage them to do so. Who knew syllabi could be soooo much fun to make!!! This download comes with no support but the best of wishes! :-) You can download it right here.

Picture of the Reinventing the Syllabus Poster
CATL Conference, January 2014

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