Section 1: Introduction to MAPublisher


In this short section, you will be introduced to what MAPublisher is, where you can download it, and also where it is actually found once you have installed the program. (Note: though in these videos I typically use Mac OS, everything looks and functions largely the same in Windows. Also note: I am OS agnostic. I am not intentionally promoting Apple by any means.)

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend what MAPublisher is and how it works.
  • Explain its its potential uses for mapmaking and design.
  • Investigate where MAPublisher is within Adobe Illustrator.

Questions You Should Be Able to Answer at the End of This Section

  • What is Avenza MAPublisher?
  • Where is Avenza MAPublisher found within the operating system?

Section Resources

Video Tutorials

Lesson 1: What is Avenza MAPublisher?


Lesson 2: Where is Avenza MAPublisher?


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