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Book Reviews
Book Review of "Visualize This" by Nathan Yau0.0 B947
Book Review of "Nested Identities" by G. Herb and D. Kaplan, Ed. 11.9 KiB1223
Review of "The Atlas of Cyberspace" by M. Dodge and R. Kitchin14.0 KiB914
Book Review of "Designed Maps" by Cynthia Brewer14.2 KiB1207
Review of "Geopolitics and Globalization in the 20th Century" by B. Blouet16.4 KiB955
Book Review of "American Empire" by Neil Smith20.6 KiB1168
Book Review of "GIS Cartography" by Gretchen Peterson210.0 KiB906
Web Cartography: Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices0.0 B994
Conference Proceedings and Abstracts
Web Map Design Aesthetics for Effectual Communication20.8 KiB1087
Beyond Biased: Exploring the Relationship between Map Design Style and Map Reader Persuasion1.0 MiB1098
Shifting the Iron Curtain of Kantian Peace: NATO Expansion and the Modern Magyars97.0 KiB683
Cartography and Visualization1.2 MiB3542
From Print to Mobile mApps: Creating Google Play Map Apps with Adobe Flash (Tutorial)1.8 MiB1116
Genealogy that Counts: Using Content Analysis to Explore the Evolution of Persuasive Cartography 14.2 KiB1189
Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps314.7 KiB1997
Another Goode Method: How to Use Quantitative Content Analysis to Study Variation in Thematic Map Design 476.3 KiB1000
Looking at the Big Picture: Adapting Film Theory to Examine Map Form, Meaning, and Aesthetic1.7 MiB847
The Design and Composition of Persuasive Maps2.0 MiB2734
If Looks Could Kill: The Impact of Rhetorical Styles in Persuasive Geocommunication2.2 MiB1258
Force-directed layout of origin-destination flow maps2.7 MiB27
Design principles for origin-destination flow maps4.5 MiB23
The Spatial Dementia of Geopolitics: The Internet and US Hegemonic Decline559.9 KiB1464
Lost in Visualization (Dissertation Book)10.7 MiB1752

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