“On How to Read a (Good) Map” (NASA Earth Science Week)

Seeing as it is minus-36 degrees outside and it is the first day of the semester, this was really nice news to wake up to. :-) My phone gave me a Google Alert that I was mentioned online. This happens about once a year… if that. Turns out my short piece on how to read and critique maps to determine if they are well designed was just reproduced by Directions Magazine. It was originally written for the NASA Earth Science Week Blog. I figured it was dead and gone. Thanks, Directions people!

Yosemite Fire Map

In hindsight I should have critiqued the use of so many color values, but I met the cartographer, Rob, last year and he is a swell guy, so I am kind of glad I forgot to. He has made some incredible scientific visualizations, including many of the “pictures of the day” for NASA’s Earth Observatory. NASA is lucky to have him.

P.S. I just found out that NASA also published the review in Spanish here.