Super stoked!!! NSF Grant on Flow Maps with the Jennys!

Normally I don’t like to use this blog for celebration, as it is unbecoming, but this news is just so awesome I can’t help myself!!! I am extremely excited (as well as proud) to have heard today that Bernhard and Helen Jenny’s and my NSF grant proposal (also including collaboration with Amy Griffin and a computer scientist at Oregon State University) is going to be funded! Our proposal calls for the development of an open source, automated, flow map script for GIS and Web mapping. Just as importantly, we will analyze what makes flow maps most legible and aesthetically pleasing in order to develop a script that potentially mimics manually created flow maps. We will test the script and adapt until it achieves the results we desire.

I am incredibly proud to be working with everyone involved in this project. I can’t wait to get started! More news once things move along…

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