Ian Muehlenhaus, INFP

Writer / Researcher / Map Doctor

Hi. I’m Ian Muehlenhaus (‘mule-in-house).

If you’re looking for Ian Oas, I’m him too. Though, legally he no longer exists. In 2004 I traded the name for office space.

Somewhere between changing my name and now, I earned a Doctorate from the University of Minnesota. So I went from Ian Oas to Ian Muehlenhaus to Dr. Ian Muehlenhaus.

Please just call me Ian. Only my mum gets away with calling me doctor… “Dr. Honeybunny.”

iM a Higher-Ed Innovator

Universities are undergoing tremendous change right now, and I love being placed at the intersection between what they have been and what they might become.

At the University of Wisconsin – Madison I’ve been building stackable programs and developing innovative lifelong learning opportunities for our students and alumni.

I’m excited about the potential for higher education to change over the next 20 years much as the music and movie industries have has over the past 20!

iM a Professional Writer

I have lots of experience writing! Though I have a successful track record of writing grant proposals (including an NSF), I prefer working for clients on more creative endeavors!

I have experience producing:
– Non-fiction
– Technical abstracts
– Pre-release book reviews
– Marketing copy
– Video scripts
– Feature-length screenplays

In 2019, I edited and wrote a majority of Geography Today on contract for ABC-CLIO. It’s a high-school textbook teaching to the National Geography Standards.

I currently moonlight as a pre-release book reviewer for BookBrowse and technical abstract writer for GetAbstract.

I also spend most nights and weekends in my basement writing screenplays and film treatments. Dark-comedy and drama are my preferred genres.

I’m always looking for new and interesting projects. Check out my samples below and feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss a project!

iM a Teacher

I love teaching!

And my teaching evaluations demonstrate I’m pretty good at it.

I am a huge proponent of online learning.

I’m currently the Director of UW-Madison’s GIS Professional Programs, where I still teach map design and web mapping in an online format from time to time. I also advise our 100+ professional graduate students.

iM a Public Speaker

Some are more terrified of public speaking than death. 

Not me! I love giving presentations!

I’ve given professional talks on everything from:

– Nationalism in Central Europe
– Effective web map design
– Persuasive design
– How to develop and solve research problems

I also have experience helping people prepare talks and design compelling slide decks.

If you are looking for a dynamic and engaging presenter — who never reads from slide decks — or someone to help make your presentation persuasive and fun…

iM a Designer

I’ve spent over a decade doing design. Though officially I am a cartographer (i.e., a map designer), my research and all of my teaching is steeped in graphic design theory. I am not a typical GIS person. My clients have included many major book publishers, the Bush FoundationNorthwest Area FoundationConcept Farm (NYC), and ethanol lobbyists (remember that craze)?!

I also design courses, curriculums, and learning programs. In recent years I’ve become steeped in instructional design theory.

iM a Map Doctor

My research specialty is Persuasive Map Design. Yes, that’s right: I study how to design maps that inform people in compelling ways, so users are more likely to interpret information as you want.

Or in business speak: I have spent years researching how to Design Maps That Convert!

I also specialize in Web and mobile map design. I wrote a book on Web Cartography.

Beyond maps, I’m fascinated by “visual rhetoric” — designing visuals in a manner that resonates with and disarms intended audiences.

Certain scholars study argumentative writing; I study argumentative visualization.