Teaching Evaluations

Animated and Dynamic Cartography, Fall 2010 (UWRF)1.0 MiB1067
Geo 5511, Principles of Cartography, University of Minnesota1.1 MiB1083
Geo 3511/5511, Fundamentals of Cartography, Spring 20082.5 MiB1100
Human Geography, Spring 201062.0 KiB535
Geopolitics in Film (Geo 470) Syllabus487.9 KiB542
Human Geography, Fall 200990.0 KiB577
Geog3161 Summer2006255.4 KiB584
Geo 3161, University of Minnesota, Summer 2007826.9 KiB598
Human Geography, Fall 200990.0 KiB679
Geo 3161, University of Minnesota, Fall 2006760.6 KiB767
Human Geography, Spring 2009528.0 B917
Human Geography, Fall 2010528.0 B921
Applied Web Map Design (Geo/Esc 455) Syllabus20.6 KiB942
Human Geography, Fall 2008528.0 B957
Geo 3161, University of Minnesota, Fall 2005898.7 KiB968