Ian Muehlenhaus CV

Professional Positions

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, August 2011 – Present

Geography Faculty and GIS Lab Manager, Department of Geography and Mapping Sciences, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, August 2008 – July 2011

 Cofounder, Muehlenhaus Studios/Maps and Design, Saint Paul, MN, 2006-2011

Assistant Director, InformeDesign (www.informedesign.com), Department of Design, Housing, and Apparel, University of Minnesota, 2003-2004

Planner, Arrowhead Regional Development Commission, Duluth, MN, 1999-2000 


 Ph.D. in Geography, University of Minnesota (UMN), February 2010

Dissertation: Lost in Visualization: Identifying, Measuring, and Comparing Political Cartographic Manipulations

Committee: Robert McMaster (Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, advisor), Scott Freundschuh (Geography Chair, University of New Mexico), Roger Miller (deceased), Steven Rosenstone (President of Minnesota State College and University System)


M.Sc. in Geography, The Pennsylvania State University (PSU), August 2002

Thesis: The Spatial Dementia of Geopolitics: Online Agencies and US Hegemonic Decline

Committee: Colin Flint (advisor), Lorraine Dowler, and Melissa Wright


B.A. in International Studies and Geography, University of Minnesota Duluth, May 1999

Learning Emphasis: environmental geography; resource planning; cultural geography; US public lands policy; cultural geography; cartography; Hungary; and Chinese politics 


Muehlenhaus, I. (Accepted/Forthcoming 2014). “Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps,” Cartographica.

Muehlenhaus, I. (In Press, Available 10/2013). Web Cartography: Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices. Textbook. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Muehlenhaus, I. (Now Online, Print forthcoming). “The Design and Composition of Persuasive Maps,” Cartography and Geographic Information Sciences (CaGIS) 40(5): 401-414. DOI: 10.1080/15230406.2013.783450

 Muehlenhaus, I. (2012). “If Looks Could Kill: The Impact of Rhetorical Styles in Persuasive Geocommunication,” The Cartographic Journal, 49(4): 361-375.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2012). “Beyond Biased: Exploring the Relationship between Map Design Style and Map Reader Persuasion,” Proceedings of AutoCarto, Cartography and Geographic Information Society, Columbus, OH.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2011). “Another Goode Method: How to Use Quantitative Content Analysis to Study Change in Thematic Map Design,” Cartographic Perspectives, 69: 7-29.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2011). “From Print to Mobile mApps: How to Take Adobe Illustrator Files, Add Pinch-to-Zoom, and Place them on the Android Market,” Cartographic Perspectives, 69: 55-66.

Muehlenhaus, I.(2011). “Genealogy that counts: Using Content Analysis to Explore the History of Persuasive Maps,” Cartographica 46(1): 28-40.

McMaster, R. and I. Muehlenhaus.(2010). “Cartographic symbolization and visualization,” in the Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology, 2nd Edition (J. Bossler, Ed.). Taylor & Francis. 

Muehlenhaus, I. (2010). Lost in Visualization: Systematically Identifying, Measuring, and Comparing Political Cartographic Manipulations. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Minnesota.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2007). Entries: “World Systems Theory” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in The Encyclopedia of Environment and Society. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Oas, I.* (2005). “Shifting the Iron Curtain of Kantian Peace: NATO Expansion and the Magyars,” in the Geography of War and Peace (Colin Flint, Ed.). Oxford University Press, 395-414.

Oas, I.* (2002). The Geopolitics of Spatial Dementia: Online Agencies and US Hegemonic Decline. Master of Science Thesis. Pennsylvania State University. 

Book Reviews

Muehlenhaus, I. (forthcoming, 2013). Book Review: “The World at Their Fingertips: Eighteenth-Century British Two-Sheet Double Hemisphere World Maps,” by Geoff Armitage and Ashley Baynton-Williams. Cartographic Perspectives.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2012). Book Review: “Visualize This,” by Nathan Yau. Cartography and Geographic Information Society Journal, 39(3): 170-172.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2011). Book Review: “GIS Cartography: A Guide to Effective Map Design,” by Gretchen Peterson. Cartographic Perspectives, 70: 66-67.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2011). Book Review: “Designed Maps,” by Cynthia Brewer, Cartographic Perspectives, 67: 75-77.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2004). Book Review: “American Empire: Roosevelt’s Geographer and the Prelude to Globalization,” by N. Smith. Arab World Geographer, 7 (3), 211-214.

Oas, I.* (2003). Book review: “The Atlas of Cyberspace,” by M. Dodge and R. Kitchin. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 93(4), 946-947.

Oas, I.* (2001). Book review: “Geopolitics and Globalization in the Twentieth Century,” by B. Blouet. Political Geography, 21, p. 955-957.

Oas, I.* (2000). Book review: “Nested Identities,” G. Herb and D. Kaplan, Ed. Professional Geographer, 52(4), p. 764-65. 

Invited & Creative Publications

Muehlenhaus, I. (2013). “Google Street View: An Invasion of Privacy?” Analyze Essay for ABC-CLIO, K12 Online Geography Textbook.

Muehlenhaus, I. (2012). “How Technology Has Changed Perceptions of Human Geography,” Analyze Essay, for ABC-CLIO Publishing, Online Geography Textbook.

*Oas, I. (2004). “Research, Theory, and Practice: An Interdependent Relationship.” Implications 2 (1), p. 1-2. Available online: informedesign.com/NewsLetterArchive.aspx

Oas, I. (2003). “Creating Spaces: Human Geography, Design, and Social Responsibility.” Implications 1 (7), p. 1-3. Available online: informedesign.com/NewsLetterArchive.aspx

Oas, I. (1999). “AbsurDitty.” New Authors Journal 6 (2), Fall, p. 32.

Professional Paper Presentations

Paper, 2013,The Impact of Rhetorical Design in Geocommunication, UW-La Crosse Faculty Research Day, Centennial Hall, UW-La Crosse, January 25, 2013

Paper, 2012, “Going Viral: The Evolution of Online Persuasive Maps” North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, October

Poster, 2012, “Twentieth Century China Viewed from the West: A Carto-Historical Perspective” NACIS Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, October

Paper, 2012, “Beyond Biased: The Impact of Persuasive Map Design on Viewers’ Reactions to, and Trust in, Different Types of Spatial Data,” AutoCarto Conference, Columbus, OH, September 17

Paper, 2012, “mApps: the Future of Cartography?” University Consortium of GIS Symposium, Washington, D.C., May 31

Paper, 2012, “Some of These Maps Are Not Like the Others…” A Framework for Measuring How Design Impacts Map Reader Reactions to Spatial Data, Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Conference, New York, February

Session Organizer and Chair, 2012, Online Mapping, AAG Annual Conference, February

Paper, 2012, Reactions to Four Different Styles of Persuasive Maps, UW-La Crosse Faculty Research Day, Centennial Hall, UW-La Crosse, January 20

Poster, 2011, The Impact of Cartographic Style on Map Likeability and Trustworthiness, AAG West Lakes Conference, DePaul University, Chicago, November

Paper, 2011, mApp to the Future: Map Apps and the Future of Mapping,NACIS Annual Conference, Madison, October

Poster (with Mathew A. Dooley), 2011, Mapping UFO Sighting Data: Beyond the Dot Map,AAG Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, April

Paper (with Mathew A. Dooley), 2010, Mapping UFO Sighting Data: Pitfalls and Possibilities,NACIS Annual Conference, St. Petersburg, Florida, October

Paper, 2010, Cartography That Counts: Identifying, Measuring, and Comparing Map Rhetoric,AAG Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., April

Paper, 2009, How They Lie with Maps: Classifying Political Cartographic Manipulations, AAG West Lakes Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, October

Paper, 2009, Staying Goode: Representation and Design in Goode’s World Atlas (1923-2005), AAG Annual Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, March

Paper, 2008, Analyzing How Maps Articulate Space,NACIS Annual Conference (NACIS), Missoula, Montana, October 10

Paper, 2008, Lost in Transformation: Nationalism in Post-Soviet Europe, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., 7-8pm, July 14

Paper, 2008, Deconstructing Intentionally Manipulated Maps (IMM), AAG Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, April 17

Poster, 2007, Geovisualizing Me: An Interactive Atlas of My Life, NACIS Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, October

Paper, 2007, The Geopolitics of GIS Diffusion, AAG Annual Conference, San Francisco, California, April 19

Presentation, 2006, Cartographic Principles and the Elements of Graphic Design, Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD), April 2006

Session Organizer and Chair, 2006, Approaches to Post-Socialist Research, AAG Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, March 10

Paper, Session Organizer, and Chair, 2003, Deterritorialized Geopolitics: Networks and Diasporas. AAG Annual Conference. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 5

Paper, 2002, US Cyber-Defense Policy and the Deterritorialization of Geopolitics.  AAG Annual Conference. Los Angeles, California, 20 March  

Invited Lectures & Consulting

 Invited Lecture, Effective Geocommunication in an Era of Data Overload, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, March 13, 2013

Consulting, Art in American Communities Web Mapping Project, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Washington, D.C., ongoing

Invited Lecture, The Impact of Rhetorical Design in Geocommunication, CartoTalk Lecture Series, Oregon State University, October 22, 2012

Keynote Speaker, UW-River Falls Annual Geography Awards Banquet,April 21, 2012

Invited Lecture, How to Argue with Maps: Four Rhetorical Styles of Cartographic Persuasion, Masters in GIS Career and Networking Fair, University of Minnesota, March 31, 2010

Lecturer, Spatial Dynamics of Austria and Central Europe in the 21st Century, 14 Feb 2009

Consultant, My Wonderful World, National Geographic Society, October 2008

Faculty, European Borders K-12 Institute, National Geographic Society, Wash. D.C., July 2008

Lecturer, Institute of Global Studies K-12 Workshop, Immigration in the New Europe, 2006 

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

 GIS and Visualization Curriculum Redesign Grant, $10,000, co-PI, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, March 2013

Travel Grant, $1,500, United States National Committee on Cartography, March 2013

McColl Research Fellowship, $3,300, AGS Map Library, Milwaukee, 2012

Faculty Research Grant, $6,832, UW-La Crosse, 2012

Online Instructor Training Grant, $1,000, UW-La Crosse, 2012

Carol A. Dobrunz Endowment Fund Award, $1,000, UW-La Crosse Alumni Foundation, 2012

Professional Development Grant, $600, UW-River Falls, 2011

Professional Development Grant, $800, UW-River Falls, 2010

Professional Development Grant, $1000, UW-River Falls, 2009

Graduate Research Partnership Program Grant, $5000, UMN Graduate School, 2008

Zoltai Graduate Fellowship, $6000, UMN Graduate School, 2005-2006

Summer Research Fellowship, $3500, UMN Department of Geography, 2005

Ralph Hall Brown Prize, $500, Best Graduate Student Publication,University of Minnesota, Department of Geography, 2005

Matti E. Kaups Scholarship Award, $500, UMD Department of Geography, 2000 

Teaching Experience

Geography of Europe (Geo 304) , University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

World Realms and Regions (Geo 110) , University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Applied Map Design (Geo/Esc 455) , University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Maps and Society (Geo 102), University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Fundamentals of Cartography (Geo/Esc 250), University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Animated and Interactive Cartography (Geog 455), University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Human Geography (both lecture and online versions), University of Wisconsin- River Falls

Principles of Cartography (Geog 3511/5511), University of Minnesota

Europe: A Geographic Perspective (Geog 3161/Global Studies 3961), University of Minnesota

Geographic Transformations of Post-Soviet Europe (Geog 294), Macalester College

Introduction to Human Geography & Global Issues( Geog 111), Macalester College

Introduction to Physical and Human Geography (Geog 201), Metropolitan State University

Teaching Assistantships, University of Minnesota Department of Geography, 2004-2006

  • Principles of Cartography (one semester with Dr. Robert McMaster)
  • Introduction to Maps and Spatial Analysis (three semesters with various instructors)

Teaching Assistantships, Penn State Department of Geography, 2000-2003

  • Introduction to Maps and Spatial Data (one year with David DiBiase)
  • Geography of International Affairs (one semester with Dr. Colin Flint)
  • Physical Geography (one year with Dr. Brent Yarnal)


 National and International


Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past-Chair, Cartography Specialty Group of the AAG, 2011-2014

Cartographic Reviewer, Journal of Maps, 2012-present

Editorial Board Member, Cartographic Perspectives Journal, 2010-present

Coordinator, International Map Competition, Cartography and Geographic Information Society, 2011-present

Co-Coordinator, Student Dynamic Map Competition, North American Cartographic Information Society, 2011-2012

University and UW-System 

Wisconsin Higher Education Representative, Committee on State Cartography (CSC), UW-Madison College of Letters and Sciences

Representative, UW-La Crosse Undergraduate Research Committee, 2012

Representative, UW-La Crosse College of Science and Health Sabbatical Committee, 2012

Faculty Advisor, UW-La Crosse Anime Club, 2011-presently

Faculty Representative, UW-River Falls External Relations Committee, 2009-2011

Faculty Advisor, UW-River Falls Women’s Rugby Club, 2009-2011

Community Learning Faculty, iRock First-Year Experience, UW-River Falls, Spring 2011

Department of Geography and Earth Science, UW-La Crosse

Faculty Advisor, Geography Club, Summer 2013 – present

Geography Education Faculty Search Committee, Spring 2013

GIS Faculty Search Committee, Spring 2012

 Climatologist Faculty Search Committee, Spring 2012

Library Liaison, December 2011-present

Instructional Academic Staff Search Committee, 2011

Peer Reviewing

CRC Press (Book Proposals) – 2011
Cartographic Perspectives –
2010,11,12, 13
Applied Geography – 2011
Future Internet –
Annals of the AAG – 2010
Political Geography –
Journal of Maps – 2012, 13
Polymath – 2013

Freelance Cartography

Android App Developer, UFO Sightings Map, free on the Google Play, December 2010

Cartographer, UW-River Falls Interactive Campus Map, Fall 2008

Cartographer, Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF), Horizons Communities of NWAF

Map Publications:

Introductory Reader in Human Geography, ed. Moseley, Lanegran, et al., Blackwell, 2007;

Nuer-American Passages: Globalizing Sudanese Migration, Dianna Shandy, University of Florida Press, 2007;

Introduction to Geopolitics, Colin Flint, Routledge, 2005 

Certificates, Training, and Languages

D2L (Desire to Learn) FUSION Conference Participation (2010)

FUSION Educators’ Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Center for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (2003)

National Population Science and GIS Workshop, Penn State University

Certified in Hungarian (2005)

Intermediate-Advanced, University of Debrecen Language School, Budapest, Hungary

Certified in Hungarian (1998)

Level B out of D, European Consortium of Languages (ECL)

Intermediate German (2004), University of Minnesota 

Software & Programming

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash; SketchUp; SPSS; Atlas.t/i; ActionScript 3.0; CSS; JavaScript; jQuery; GlobalMapper; ESRI ArcGIS; Global Mapper; Avenza Mapublisher; and mobile application development with Adobe AIR 

Overseas Study & Field Work

Budapest, Hungary, May – August 2005, Doctoral Field Work

Pécs, Hungary, 1997 – 1998, Janus Pannonius University

Miskolc, Hungary, 1993 – 1994, American Field Service (AFS)

Beijing, China, 1991, #55 Middle School 

Student Advising & Promotion

Moriearty, Patrick. (2012). Honorable Mention in the Association of American Geographers and National Geographic Undergraduate and Masters Student Map Competition.

Bodennar, Zachary. (2011). First Place in the Student Interactive Narrative Map Competition for “Japanese Imperialism in Asia,” North American Cartographic Information Society. 

Moody, Andrew. Intern at National Geographic Society, Spring 2010.

Berker, Mehmet. (2008). Best Student Map for “The Great War in East Africa,” North American Cartographic Information Society. 

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Revised: 22 September 2013