Going Down to Cow Town…

Someone's excited to be returning to her home territory. "Go, Packers!" she screams, as her dad sighs and keeps cheering for the damned Vikings.
Someone’s excited to be returning to her home territory. “Go, Packers!” Svenja screams, as her dad sighs and keeps cheering for the damned Vikings.

I never thought I would be citing the name of an obscure They Might Be Giants song from the Lincoln album in a blog post, but well, I never thought I would be returning to Wisconsin either.

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ve just accepted a Faculty Associate position in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin (the Big 10 version) in Madison.

My position is not a typical academic one, which very well may bode well for me, because I’ve been called “atypical.” I am now the Director of a brand new Professional Online Master’s of GIS in Development and Programming. The program begins in Fall 2016 and is open to anyone in the world with a Bachelors and an interest in GIS Development. No visa required. Just good credentials and an intense will to succeed!

I will let people know more in short order, but right now I’m just thrilled to let the world know that I am moving to Madison and excited to be working at an historic epicenter of US GIS and Cartographic thought! Moreover, this new Masters is an integral part of the Geography Department, which means a lot to me, as I’ve always said:

I remain first and foremost a geographer.

6 thoughts on “Going Down to Cow Town…

  1. That is great news!! i have been searching for an on-line Masters program that suits my interests/needs…If your youtube tutorials are any indication, this will be something i will definitely be interested in.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Bud. Glad you are learning from and enjoying them! If in the near future or down the road you would like more info about the program, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call. I’m super stoked about this program! Our goal is to build the most personalized online Master’s possible, emphasizing coding, mobile and cloud computing, and open GIS development tools to help tackle cloud mapping and GIS head on! Website is going live in the near future so please stay tuned! And thanks again for the nice comments. Happy mapping!

  3. So will the program you are putting together for Bucky (I am WI born/bred myself) be available as part of the GIS Certificate program as well?

  4. Great question! The program will not be part of the certificate program, but many of the courses overlap. It is possible to take some courses in the certificate and then switch to the full-on M.S. I am happy to chat about it more if you are curious or interested. Please just drop me a line via the contact form page! Thanks. 😀 Go, Bucky!

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