Foreign Exchange Kid

Finished a draft of my screenplay, currently titled FOREIGN EXCHANGE KID today. Excited to be done with this summer project! It took a while…

It’s based on my real-life experiences as a foreign exchange student in Hungary in 1993/94. A lot of it is autobiographical.

Best synopsis is this: Mid90s meets Lost in Translation.

If you didn’t love both of those movies, you probably won’t like this.

And if you did like both of those movies, you may still hate this. That’s okay.

It was truly cathartic to write this. If nothing comes of it, no worries.

I’ve got the screenplay itch now. I’m already working on my next one. I have a treatment and the scenes are outlined.

It’s very different from this one. Tentatively titled: WARROAD.

The screenplay is Rocky meets Hoosiers with high school hockey the sport narrative.

Please do give me feedback on this if you read it. It may be shit, but I’d love to hear how to make it better.

You were saying?