Finally, bound and (maybe?) in a library near you!

I still haven’t received my free author copies due to an address glitch, but Murphy Library at UWL finally received its copy of Web Cartography so I checked it out. It felt really good to hold the book in my hands after only being able to see it in MS Word and PDF form before. I still have a lot of things I would like to develop for the accompanying Website, but that will take time and is less stressful than copy-editing and worrying about if everyone will hate the book. Honestly, and quite oddly, one of the most exciting things about holding it in my hands was seeing a Library of Congress Call Number on it. It sounds weird, but for some reason it made me far more proud than anything else. I have a book in the library! :-)

Photo courtesy of Dr. Rob Roth. @reroth
Photo courtesy of Dr. Rob Roth. @roberteroth