Super stoked!!! NSF Grant on Flow Maps with the Jennys!

Normally I don’t like to use this blog for celebration, as it is unbecoming, but this news is just so awesome I can’t help myself!!! I am extremely excited (as well as proud) to have heard today that Bernhard and Helen […]

Thank you, WLIA.

Just a note to say that I am honored to have recently received the Best Presentation Award at this year’s Wisconsin Land Information Alliance Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. I am particularly grateful, given that my PowerPoint presentation didn’t work […]

Yi Fu Tuan Lecture, UW-Madison Department of Geography

I am stoked to be in Madison today giving an Yi Fu Tuan Lecture on Persuasive Maps. So far I have had a wonderful time hanging out with the cart folks and students here. Also saw some really cool map […]

Joining CaGIS Board!

I am very excited to announce that I have been elected to the Cartography and Geographic Information Society Board of Directors for a three-year term. I love this organization! It will be truly rewarding to play a part in helping […]

Wagons East!

Most of the news I post on this blog is piddly, minor stuff about academic happenings. Today’s announcement is bigger, because it not only impacts my research and career but also my family. I am thrilled to announce that I […]

“On How to Read a (Good) Map” (NASA Earth Science Week)

Seeing as it is minus-36 degrees outside and it is the first day of the semester, this was really nice news to wake up to. :-) My phone gave me a Google Alert that I was mentioned online. This happens […]

“Reinventing the Syllabus” Poster Presentation

At the UW-L Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) Conference on January 21, 2014, I presented a poster entitled Reinventing the Syllabus: From Boring Legal Document to Motivational Pedagogical Tool. In the poster I discussed and highlighted […]