It’s all about how you handle Plan B…

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends: A little over a year ago my wife and I decided that we were ready for a major change in our lives — some new cultural scenery and a new academic setting. Reading a beautiful job description […]

“Looking at the Big Picture,” Cartographic Perspectives Open Access

Having recently become increasingly disgusted with copyright laws in general and with the extremely capitalist mindset of my mid-Atlantic environs in general, I am thrilled to be able to say that my latest publication is Creative Commons. It’s for everyone. Cartographic Perspectives is the bomb […]

Book Review of “The World at Their Fingertips”

Today my first publication, albeit a small one, under the James Madison University banner came out. My book review of “The World at Their Fingertips” by Geoff Armitage and Ashley Baynton-Williams just came out in Cartographic Perspectives 76. It was a good […]

Rethinking Concepts of Map Form and Style

PowerPoint Slide from Recorded Talk

A week after presenting at NACIS, I finally got around to recording my talk again and posting it to YouTube. The downside? It’s twice as long. (Hey, I was rusty!) However, the missing, “fluff” slides some people were requesting are now […]

#AutoCarto2014 and #Nacis2014 were a blast!

Just returned home from a stellar week in Pittsburgh attending and presenting at both the AutoCarto and NACIS Conferences. I am super stoked to be a cartographer again! The talks were all around excellent at both events. I will be posting […]

On the Road to DeKalb…

Excited to be heading to Northern Illinois University (NIU) tomorrow to give a coffee hour talk in the Department of Geography this Friday! I was supposed to give the talk last January but caught the flu. Thus, I have been popping extra […]

Slate Magazine Article about (Dumb?) Viral Maps

About a month ago I was interviewed by Ben Blatt of Slate about some really “bad” viral maps that have been making the rounds. These maps take the individual states of the US and associate them with random things like leading hair […]

Super stoked!!! NSF Grant on Flow Maps with the Jennys!

Normally I don’t like to use this blog for celebration, as it is unbecoming, but this news is just so awesome I can’t help myself!!! I am extremely excited (as well as proud) to have heard today that Bernhard and Helen […]

Thank you, WLIA.

Just a note to say that I am honored to have recently received the Best Presentation Award at this year’s Wisconsin Land Information Alliance Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. I am particularly grateful, given that my PowerPoint presentation didn’t work […]

Yi Fu Tuan Lecture, UW-Madison Department of Geography

I am stoked to be in Madison today giving an Yi Fu Tuan Lecture on Persuasive Maps. So far I have had a wonderful time hanging out with the cart folks and students here. Also saw some really cool map […]

Joining CaGIS Board!

I am very excited to announce that I have been elected to the Cartography and Geographic Information Society Board of Directors for a three-year term. I love this organization! It will be truly rewarding to play a part in helping […]

Wagons East!

Most of the news I post on this blog is piddly, minor stuff about academic happenings. Today’s announcement is bigger, because it not only impacts my research and career but also my family. I am thrilled to announce that I […]

“On How to Read a (Good) Map” (NASA Earth Science Week)

Seeing as it is minus-36 degrees outside and it is the first day of the semester, this was really nice news to wake up to. :-) My phone gave me a Google Alert that I was mentioned online. This happens […]

“Reinventing the Syllabus” Poster Presentation

At the UW-L Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) Conference on January 21, 2014, I presented a poster entitled Reinventing the Syllabus: From Boring Legal Document to Motivational Pedagogical Tool. In the poster I discussed and highlighted […]

Finally, bound and (maybe?) in a library near you!

I still haven’t received my free author copies due to an address glitch, but Murphy Library at UWL finally received its copy of Web Cartography so I checked it out. It felt really good to hold the book in my hands […]

NASA Interview/Discussion on Mapmaking Published

After having a wonderful visit to the Goddard Spaceflight Center last year, I was invited to answer a variety of questions about being a mapmaker and the process of mapmaking for NASA’s K12 outreach program. The interview was just published […]

Web Map Aesthetics for Effectual Communication (NACIS 2013, Greenville, SC, USA)

I had a fun time presenting at the North American Cartographic Information Society Annual Conference today. My talk was largely based on my forthcoming book about Web map design. Essentially, it was a call for us to return to the […]

Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps

I am happy to report that after several rounds of constructive edits and revisions, my manuscript “Going Viral: The Look of Online Persuasive Maps” has been accepted for publication in Cartographica. No idea when it will come out yet, but I am […]

The Design and Composition of Persuasive Maps

Though it has been online for a while, it always feels good to see an article in print. The Design and Composition of Persuasive Maps just came out in the latest issue of CaGIS (November 2013). A pre-proof version is available here. Again, I […]

Geopolitics in Film Course Announcement

I am excited to announce the green lighting of a new course for Spring 2014 — Geopolitics in Film. This will be a political/cultural geography course using Colin Flint’s Introduction to Geopolitics book. Each week I will lecture on a topic from […]