Going Down to Cow Town…

I never thought I would be citing the name of an obscure They Might Be Giants song from the Lincoln album in a blog post, but well, I never thought I would be returning to Wisconsin either. I’m ecstatic to […]

It’s all about how you handle Plan B…

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends: A little over a year ago my wife and I decided that we were ready for a major change in our lives — some new cultural scenery and a new academic setting. Reading a beautiful job description […]

“Looking at the Big Picture,” Cartographic Perspectives Open Access

Having recently become increasingly disgusted with copyright laws in general and with the extremely capitalist mindset of my mid-Atlantic environs in general, I am thrilled to be able to say that my latest publication is Creative Commons. It’s for everyone. Cartographic Perspectives is the bomb […]

Book Review of “The World at Their Fingertips”

Today my first publication, albeit a small one, under the James Madison University banner came out. My book review of “The World at Their Fingertips” by Geoff Armitage and Ashley Baynton-Williams just came out in Cartographic Perspectives 76. It was a good […]

Rethinking Concepts of Map Form and Style

PowerPoint Slide from Recorded Talk

A week after presenting at NACIS, I finally got around to recording my talk again and posting it to YouTube. The downside? It’s twice as long. (Hey, I was rusty!) However, the missing, “fluff” slides some people were requesting are now […]

#AutoCarto2014 and #Nacis2014 were a blast!

Just returned home from a stellar week in Pittsburgh attending and presenting at both the AutoCarto and NACIS Conferences. I am super stoked to be a cartographer again! The talks were all around excellent at both events. I will be posting […]

On the Road to DeKalb…

Excited to be heading to Northern Illinois University (NIU) tomorrow to give a coffee hour talk in the Department of Geography this Friday! I was supposed to give the talk last January but caught the flu. Thus, I have been popping extra […]