Father and daughter are sitting down to breakfast one morning.

“Dad? Can I say something?”

“Sure. Say something or ask something?”


“Okay. What is it?”

“Dad… I was wondering…” Awkward, non-plussed pause. “Dad, I was wondering…”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Dad… I was wondering… what… um…” The daughter stares out the window at a squirrel mauling a nut. “Why don’t you read magazines anymore?”

“What, Honey?”

“Why don’t you read magazines anymore?”

“I guess… I don’t… Geez, that’s a good question. … Why do you ask?”

“You used to read magazines at breakfast and dinner, and I would read them too.”

“Yeah,” dad says. “You’re right!”

“You don’t read magazines anymore,” she says with an earnest four-year old voice. “I miss reading them with you.”

“Um… Well, you know, the iPad?”


“Well, it… I, uh, read magazines on the iPad now for free. So I don’t have to pay for magazines. You have to pay for magazines in the mail.”

“Is that why you are on your iPad so much?”

“Well, yeah… partially. I read the news on it.”

“But I miss magazines… I miss reading them with you.”

“Well, Honey. … You know what? I do too.”

Father looks immediately back down at his screen. “Now, eat up those vegetables.”